Rullywow.com is where you will find some of the most thoughtfully-laid out PCB projects for making your own DIY pedals.  Most projects are easily soldered together with off-the-shelf through hole components (not included).

Check out this document for a guide to the common through-hole components you will need to get started:

What Components do I need?


Shipping Rates:

USA 1-3 PCB’s = $2.50  (Tracking now included!)

USA 4+ PCB’s = $3.25  (Tracking now included)

International 1-3 PCB’s = $3.50 (flats)

International 4+ PCB’s = $5.00 (flats)

Shipping Info for ATtiny85 ISP! kits with components only:

Shipping is flat rate $2.99 to the USA, each additional ATtiny85ISP! kit is free.  In addition, any other PCBs you order at the same time on the site will also ship free.

Shipping outside the USA is flat rate $6.99USD, each additional ATtiny85ISP! kit is free.  In addition, any other PCBs you order on the site at the same time will also ship free.


Custom Pedals/PCBs:

We are glad to take on your custom pedal project.  That’s right…we will build you something special and unique to your specifications.  Feel free to email info@rullywow.com with your ideas!


Any issues?  Contact info@rullywow.com


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  1. Daniel Shattuck says:

    Hey dude, I’ll make you an awesome YouTube demo for your Brutalizer boards. My 21 year old son is a great metal player and is just joining a metal group in Long Beach. All he has is a keyboard amp at the moment. This pedal sounds great with him doing Mashugga etc out of any amp. Are you interested? I’m gonna give him mine, just want another set to build for me.. If not I’ll do it anyway. Cheers!

    The best layout ever. Makes me look like a pro! Thank man…
    Daniel Shattuck

  2. Brice says:

    Hello sir!
    I just received my delay pcb. It’s always a pleasure to commit to a diy project with so much skill and effort put into it. Basically I love the quality! The one question I have is with how to mount the potentiometers. Which position of the pot does the square post represent? 1 or 3? I am just about to start this and would love to know. I assume it is #1 post from tracing through the schematic, however I want to be sure.

  3. Sylvain says:

    Hi !
    Is “completed” order = “shipped” order please ?
    Thanks !

  4. Mike Steley says:

    The best layout ever before. Makes me resemble a professional! Give thanks to guy …

  5. Will says:

    When will you have some more Lunar Tremolos in Stock? My paypal acct had some problems about a month ago i tried to order one, of course soon as i got things fixed (lost my debit card) it was out of stock. Any way Ill check back soon, Ive been comparing tremolos and going back and forth on which one to build, soon as i found this one im dying to build it, dont wanna do vero or perf, and love your pcbs, nice colors and designs and such!

  6. Hadley says:

    Second what Will says:

    Lunar Blast to be restocked? Very good Trem and sold off the
    one built to a band mate thinking could pick another PCB no problem. That was 8 months ago.

    Could you post something on your Facebook about restocking?

  7. Daniel Howard says:

    That crystal muff sounds amazing. I am ignorant with this stuff. Will you build me one so I can just buy it from you? It doesn’t have to have a fancy box.


  8. Gabriel Cartier says:

    Hi there,
    I bought queen of bone 2. I dig it. But I read on other chat rooms that the king of tone sounds best at 12v.
    My question is, if I remove the charge pump IC and run the pedal at 12v (just to try), will it damage anything?



    • rullywowr@gmail.com says:

      As long as your components are rated for 12V, it will work just fine. Pulling the charge pump allows the input voltage to get to the chips with a small drop from the diodes in the power supply section.

  9. Clive says:

    Wow, my question from over 1 1/2 years ago is still unanswered and still “awaiting moderation” thats gotta be a record!

    • rullywowr@gmail.com says:

      Hi Clive,

      Sorry for the long delay! Yes, the vactrol should be mounted so the screen printing is facing towards the PCB. Hope it working for you.


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