December 19, 2013

ATtiny85 ISP!

“THANK YOU” to all loyal Kickstarter Backers, and for helping make the ATtiny85 ISP project an overwhelming success!

For those who are still looking to get their hands on a ATtiny85 ISP! kit, the wait is over…get them here:


ATtiny85 ISP! PCB only LINK

The ATtiny85 ISP! build document is available at the button below.  This contains assembly instructions, and helpful tips for working with the PCB.  Get it now.


Here is the Arduino RGB sketch – As shipped with the RGB reward kits.  This allows you to fade a RGB led (common cathode) through all the pretty colors from the ATtiny85!








The Open Source files for the ATtiny85 ISP! project are located here:

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