January 23, 2016


Rullywow.com is proud to be part of the DIY Scene.  Here are some other DIY pedal sites which you should check out!


Madbean is an invaluable member of the DIY community.  Check out his website for great DIY projects, PCBs, and the best forum on the net for info about DIY pedal building.


GrindCustoms puts out great PCBs as well as custom pedal projects.  There are a ton of PCBs available on their site and they are adding more all the time.


DIY Guitar Pedals.com.au has a great webstore featuring fair prices on hard-to-find parts, PCBs, and more.  Paul is a great guy and huge resource to the DIY community.  You should check out his many videos on YouTube at his link here


Cody is a DIY expert.  Check out his many builds and tips on DIY pedal building.  His tutorials on etching enclosures are just epic.  Lots of good information to learn about from his site


Juan and Cleggy have hundreds of builds under their belt and are an incredible resource.  Check out many of their custom builds (some for sale) as well as tutorials on using decals and Envirotex to create truly awe-inspiring pedals.  They are the creators behind the Superjudge pedal, available on rullywow.com