ChuggaPre PCB no components frontChuggaPre PCB no components front

ChuggaPre – Preamp


ChuggaPre – A preamp based on TC Electronic’s “Integrated Pre”

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The ChuggaPre preamp is a versatile preamp based on the discontinued TC Electronic “Integrated Pre”.  It differs by having a built-in charge pump which increases the headroom.

The original pedal shot to popularity when the band “Meshuggah” used the pedal to push the front end of their rectos.

It is also a favorable preamp for other uses, including acoustic instruments and anytime you need to tweak a bit of level and treble/bass.

Includes (1) PCB, you supply all the standard components.

With TREBLE, BASS, and LEVEL controls, this is one versatile preamp.

  • Jumper for use with just about any DIP charge pump (TC1044SCPA, MAX1044, LT1054)
  • Designed for PCB mounted pots (16mm right angle)
  • Very easy to build!

Build Doc: ChuggaPre v1.0




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