The Colonel – inspired by Marshall Guv’Nor. DIY PCB. Overdrive


Inspired by the Marshall “Guv’Nor” – Get some great EL34 tones from your amp with this easy-to-build PCB!

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The Colonel brings great Marshall crunch to your guitar rig.

The Colonel PCB is a true-to-original take on the Marshall “Guv’Nor”. It is a straightforward build which utilizes led clipping to cop that Marshall type of crunch tone. With it’s powerful tone shaping set, you will be dialing in some great classic tones in no time.

Includes one “The Colonel” PCB.  You supply the components.  See the build doc below for more info!


  • Pads line up with 3PDT boards
  • Great Marshall Crunch!
  • Very easy to build!





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