Dual Optical Switching System – DIY Guitar PCB

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Queen of Bone “Optical Switching System” – Dual Optical Bypass

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The Queen of Bone “Optical Switching System” is designed for seamless integration with the Queen of Bone PCB (not included).  The “Optical Switching System” (OSS)  allows easy implementation of optical bypass with the QoB PCB.  It also works wonders for any other 2-in-1 effects you may be building.  Designed to fit in a 1590BB in landscape.  Dimensions included in build doc below.

See the “Detour Bypass” PCB for more information regarding optical bypass.

Includes (1) PCB, you supply all the standard components.

  • Wiring matches up to “Queen of Bone” PCB – great for using ribbon cable
  • Uses standard high-quality Alpha DPDT stomp (SF12011DF-0202-20R-L-011)
  • Spaced far apart enough to select each effect individually or both at the same time
  • Optical bypass reduces “pop” and “thump” sounds
  • Much better than regular 3PDT
  • Neatens up all your 2-in-1 builds

Queen of Bone – Optical Switching System Build Doc




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