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Tremolow PCB – Inspired by Schaller Harmonic Tremolo


Tremolow – Based on the vintage Schaller Harmonic Tremolo

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Product Description

Based upon the Schaller Harmonic Tremolo, the Tremolow is a fine representation of a harmonic tremolo.  From slow warble, to fast oscillation…this is a versatile PCB project.

Includes (1) PCB, you supply all the standard components.

  • SPEED, DWELL, FAST/SLOW controls.
  • Onboard LFO LED mounting for observing rate
  • LFO LED can be mounted to a switch
  • Fun to build!
  • Pulldown resistors onboard for input/output to mitigate pops when switching
  • Designed for PCB mounted pots (16mm right angle)
  • Matches up with rullywow 3PDT boards

Tremolo Build Doc





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