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TS8(oh)8 – Inspired by Ibanez TS808 & TS9

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The tube screamer is arguably the most popular pedal ever made and has inspired countless clones and modifications.  The TS8(oh)8 PCB allows you to quickly and easily recreate an accurate TS808 or TS9 overdrive pedal.

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Product Description

This is arguably the most popular and best known guitar effects pedal ever.  Yup, ever.  The venerable Tube Screamer has been used by countless guitar players to create legendary tones on many classic recordings.  Useful by itself or in conjunction with a overdriven tube amp – this pedal has a little something for everyone.  Every guitar player should have at least one in their arsenal.

This PCB is true to the original circuit, with the additions of user-selectable features such as clipping (symmetric/asymmetric), a FAT switch and a BRIGHT switch.  It is very easy to create an accurate TS808 or TS9 with this board by simply changing a two components.


New EXCEL BOM for easy sorting, sourcing of components:


1 review for TS8(oh)8 – Inspired by Ibanez TS808 & TS9

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Just finished this last week. Works exactly as expected. I like the tone I get out of it although I’ve never bothered to listen to a real TS8. I prefer the jumpers inside the case vs. switches. Once I played with them I knew I was unlikely to change them once set.

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